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Don't be afraid to share your struggle

One thing you’ll start to realize about me, the more you read on about what I write, is that I’m not afraid to talk about my struggles. I struggle to overcome a lot internally. And I’m not afraid to show it. I’m aware of the current trend right now of people posting everywhere all of their positive experiences and the

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The Aura and Subtle Body Layers

An aura is the electromagnetic energy field around something. Everything is energy so everything carries energy. Everything that exists has an aura. People, animals, nature and even inanimate objects have an aura. Your aura is the energy from the life force that lives inside of you. The health of your aura is very important as it is the filter to

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Balancing the Shadow and Light

“Always think happy thoughts.” “Positive Vibes Only” “I want nothing but positive vibes surreounding me” Sound familiar? I hear this all the time in the new age spiritual community. If you’re new to the awakening process or a seasoned spiritual traveler you will probably hear this often if not all the time. The new age concept. The “positivity movement”. And

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