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Violet Flame Visualization

This is a visualization/meditation I learned while training for one of the healing modalities I became certified in a few years ago called the Goddess Ascension Codes. I forgot all about it until it just popped into my mind out of the blue. Over the past several days I’ve been hyper attracted to the color purple and the violet flame

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Earth’s “Dark Night of the Soul”

It’s no secret the world is facing a time of uncertainty and is gripped with fear as we watch this COVID-19 virus sweep through our lives and the entire globe. Many people are frightened, worried, and grief-stricken, with good reason. Many times I have tried to write about it but my own feelings about the entire thing have been back

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Fear and Courage

This past Mercury retrograde has been a doozy for me. This past month has been harsh energetically, really. I’ve been riding these waves of energy and diving even deeper into myself, practicing radical self-acceptance and getting to know my inner child more. But, with all the new revelations I’ve been discovering about myself and the amount of stuff I’m letting

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