Earth’s “Dark Night of the Soul”

It’s no secret the world is facing a time of uncertainty and fear as we watch this COVID-19 virus sweep through our lives, and the entire globe. Many people are frightened, worried, and grief-stricken, with good reason.

Many times, I have tried to write about it but my own feelings about the entire thing have been back and forth, up and down. Which is, of course, normal. We all are affected in some way. Responding from somewhere deep inside. Most of us from our trauma and those responses can vary. Anywhere from calm to blame, reasoning to panic, fear to anger, or all of above and then some at one time.

As someone who has agoraphobia, social anxiety, and lives an introverted life, the quarantine hasn’t changed much of my personal life. That part is a cakewalk for me. But even as someone who lives like this it can still be a bit much.

I have my own worries about how this will affect my home life as well. My husband’s job is considered essential so he’ll continue to work as long as the work keeps coming in. When it stops completely, I don’t know how we’ll pay the bills or buy food if this goes on a bit longer. I’m sure a lot of people are worried about the same things and then some. My kids are doing online schooling as well. It’s not as hard as I thought but my kids desperately miss leaving the house, going to school, and seeing their friends. Thankfully, we have a big back yard so we can get some of our energy out.

We have been lucky enough to have food and many comforts during this time including each other. I can’t imagine what it’s like for those experiencing much worse. My heart truly breaks for those suffering right now and those on the front lines risking their lives for others.

On a metaphysical and spiritual level, things are completely different…

Now that everyone is indoors and the world has gone silent my abilities have been amped up. This is something I didn’t expect to happen. Ever since December, I had been getting the intuitive hunch to go within, withdrawal, ignore all outside noise. But I struggled to do this. I’ve been feeling intense pressure with drained energy and no matter what I did nothing snapped me out of it. It felt like I was being pushed to cocoon, to go within and only listen to my intuition.

As an Empath and highly sensitive person, I must take daily steps to clear and ground my energy. I thought I was doing a fairly decent job of it until the world went quiet. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I haven’t been filtering out as much as I thought I had. Now, as the world retreats, my energy is becoming vast. I’m getting visions, feelings, and messages left and right. It’s as if a black cloud has been lifted off of me and my true essence has stepped forward. My guess is this is how I really feel without everyone else’s stuff sticking to me. So, I’m going to take advantage of this and let my gifts grow during this time and see what comes of it.

One different thing is grounding has become much easier. Grounding and rooting into the Earth was always difficult for me as feeling safe on this planet was something I struggled to feel. The moment I plant my ass on the ground and close my eyes I’m instantly grounded. The visions I’m getting with the grounding are coming in quick and detailed. I can see an enormous metal pendulum inside of a buddha statue the size of a building that is slowly swaying side to side before it suddenly drops. It plummets through the Earth until it pierces the core of the planet and anchors itself on the other side. Then little tiny web-like roots come out of me and dig into the dirt anchoring me even more. The core of Earth then instantly sends energy up the cord filling me with light where I then blossom into a tree. My branches touching the heavens. I am the core of the tree being the bridge between worlds. Grounding is essential right now.

The message I keep getting about this whole crisis is that this is a “great awakening.” Our futures will forever be changed from all this. This virus is being a virus but it’s a catalyst. We are being awakened to how things have been going on, and where changes need to occur because of it. We are being given an opportunity to develop awareness about ourselves as individuals, humanity as a whole, and the Earth.

Many of our lives have been forced into change. Some worse than others. Those of us who are home non-stop are given an opportunity to develop a deeper connection with ourselves and our loved ones. Being forced to spend more time with each other, a lot of truths will be realized. Many things we have been ignoring or denying will now be in our face. Now there’s plenty of time to go within as most of our daily responsibilities have been taken off the table.

We have been culturally conditioned to stay busy. Busy keeps us cut off from our emotions. Busy keeps us running away from the things that make us uncomfortable such as our vulnerability, grief, disappointments, and even our boredom. We are now given this time to face our shit.

We are in the midst of a great transformation. As we slow down, everything we thought had importance is now falling away. As we lose control of what will come, we are given the opportunity to surrender and then ultimately acceptance. We are essentially in a global “dark night of the soul.” As everything around us crumbles, it will, in turn, unfold into rebirth.

Much like our own individual spiritual journeys, a catalyst comes along, triggers us, shakes things up and turns things upside down; things fall apart and fall away, awareness is developed from it, a lesson is learned and then transformation is birthed from it. This is happening all over the world, with everybody, on a massive scale as our way of life is being torn down, dissected, and then put back together differently.

This is a rebirth. And everyone knows with birth there is labor and labor is painful.

I have been seeing a lot of division online with other “spiritual leaders” who subscribe to ‘grounded spirituality’ condemn and accuse those with the gift of insight to be spirituality bypassing reality. My opinion is it’s not the time to condemn and point fingers at how others are choosing to cope. Whatever we need to do to get through this is acceptable right now and frankly none of our business how someone practices their spirituality. Of course this has triggered me. I’m usually gripped with fear and anxiety. But this time I am calm. I had my moments breaking down and crying, scared of what all this will bring to everyone. The pain and suffering of others has been breaking my heart to pieces. But after the first initial shock, calm has come over me, and I’ve been maintaining that. I’ve been connected to the Spirit world ever since and it’s as if my gifts have exploded. I’m one of those people now sharing messages because I feel that is what I’m called to do right now. Despite what others say about it. They can accuse me of bypassing but this is the first time I’ve ever been connected to the Divine instead of fear. And I’m trusting it.

Everyone defines spirituality differently and there are different forms of spirituality as well. Heart-based spirituality, Earth-based spirituality, Metaphysical spirituality, Body-based spirituality, Mind-based spirituality and where psychology overlaps spirituality with Psycho-spirituality. There is no “one true” spiritual path. It’s individual and personal, tailored to your emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. But I believe the whole point of a spiritual journey is to find your truest self. Your soul self. To also find the calm within the storm. To go within and access your soul during a time of chaos. To find peace in the eye of the storm. To surrender. Spiritual practice can help with that. No matter which one you practice. (I practice all of the above.)

We’re entering a time where greed, hate, oppression, and intolerance will no longer be tolerated. People are stepping up and helping each other in big ways. Dancing party’s and free concerts, helping those who can’t leave their house, exchanging supplies, raising money on other’s behalf, running errands for strangers, stores are opening early to allow the seniors time to shop safely, leaving things at doorsteps. For people they will never meet, money they will never receive themselves. A lot of good is coming from this if you truly look. We are healing. The way we live, the way things have been done, the way things have been run, everything will change because of this. New connections will be made, new ways of living and thriving will be birthed from this, so many people will see what has not really been working in their lives and change. The world is good. People are good. We are capable of living like this.

Look for the good.

As this is all happening, we can clearly see how Earth is healing as well. Immediately at that. Pollution is at an all-time low. Animals are being seen in places they normally stayed away from. Water runs clear and skies are now blue. We are seeing the effects of our actions on the world. How our busyness is creating pollution in ourselves and the world.

We are healing. We are growing. We are evolving.

There are many ways to manage our part in this. This is the time to step into our courage in many different ways because this is not easy.

Those of us who have created awareness, awakened, and developed our consciousness — the way-showers — are multidimensional beings living in a 3D world. We can see beyond the 3D because we have moved out of that energy. It’s our job to hold the vibration of love and peace, to hold the space, to not to feed to fears. We’re here for this very reason. It’s our time, right now. We have this choice because we are sovereign beings. We can choose to stay in a state of love and peace, or not. Let’s hold compassion for the world right now. We’ve been doing the work for this reason.

We can see and feel more than just this reality for a reason. Earth and humanity are shifting frequencies and it is our job is to help aid this. To hold the space for Earth’s consciousness to shift and transform. That’s why we’re here during this time.

Those who are in the midst of their healing work, inner work, or are triggered by the fear can take this opportunity to let what is happening to bring about awareness, healing, and maybe even go deeper into your inner work practice. To comfort the inner child. To allow this to waken you up. To make changes to your life. To heal.

I am not one to take on this type of idea. I’ve always taken a grounded approach to everything. This is the first time I have been guided to do this type of work. To hold this type of belief. My guides have been nudging me from the second this hit my reality that this is my job to old space during times of crisis. So, I’m going to choose to stay in a state of calm since I am not at ground zero. I am not a first responder; I do not know anyone who is sick. I’m just stuck in my home. So, while I’m stuck at home, I’m going to do what I was designed to do and hold space during this time of ascension. To send healing out into the world. That feels good to me. That is what my soul is telling me is the right choice for me. Once upon a time I was unconscious and fed all these energies. I have grown, evolved, and healed somewhat since. We have the choice to choose the timeline we exist on.

This is a time of great trials and tribulations for everybody. Nothing will ever be the same from here on out, for every single person, as we are given this opportunity to cultivate a new awareness, self-discovery, and evolution for the entire planet as the old ways are dying. This is the perfect time to embody the light, to grow, to change, and step into the reality we want to create. We can choose to take this opportunity to live the life of our dreams instead of living in fear and scarcity by just shifting our mindset, shifting our vibrations, and ourselves a bit, in order to create a better reality for everyone. This is a very important time for humanity. What we do right now during this time is important. Let it change you from the inside out. If we don’t change inside, we won’t see change outside of us either. The same problems will occur. Let’s choose something bigger, where we can thrive and survive in alignment with the planet.

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.”

Cynthia Occelli