You’re so negative…

I swear I’m going to scream if one more person says I’m being negative just because I don’t have the same opinion as them, disagree with them or express myself differently! I tend to piss people off and I’ve been attacked on a few occasions because of it.  

One of my favorite paraphrase’s (because the quote itself and who actually wrote it is unclear), “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it as his own,” is my favorite for this reason exactly. For me, this quote touches a bit on how we should be able to accept the differences in others, as civil people and not condemn someone because they are different in thought and expression. Listening to another’s truth, try to understand that point of view, separate from your own view and still be civil; still hold a conversation or a friendship. That as individuals, we should be mature and secure enough in our own truth and beliefs so that we’re not thrown off-kilter the second someone has an opposing truth or makes us feel uncomfortable with their form of expression.

Not to be confused with cognitive dissonance where a core belief is so strong that when presented with evidence that goes against the belief the new information cannot be accepted, because it’s so important for the person to protect that core belief at all costs, they deny anything that doesn’t fit into that core belief. But I guess in some instances this applies as well.

This is where all the New Age trends cause issues related to spirituality and soul growth. Even just personal development or overcoming mental health issues. People are being shunned with comments like “positive vibes only”, or “you’re being negative so you’re not for my highest good” and push people away. This one really irks me: you must forgive. People are considered negative if they choose not to forgive. Or, if you express your anger about something (unless it’s for a cause then it seems it’s more acceptable for some reason) you’re somehow being negative. Disagreeing also deems you negative.

This shunning is a detriment to those who struggle on this journey. It causes people to not talk about their struggles or hide their pain. I always think of Eeyore in this situation. He’s depressed and gloomy all the time. That doesn’t make him negative. It’s who he is. And everyone lovingly accepts him for who he is despite his personality.

In reality, this “everything that isn’t positive is negative” reaction comes off as defensive or offended. Maybe they’re uncomfortable with their own feelings and rather than looking deep within and asking themselves why it upsets them or diving deeper into the opposing truth to see if it may resonate on some level, they just call it negative. I guess that’s the easier way.

I had to look deep into why this trend drove me so crazy. I felt unacceptable despite my authenticity. I felt others were judging me unfairly without knowing me on a deeper level. I was triggered internally because it felt discriminatory. I felt very angry that people were hell-bent on misunderstanding me and skewing my words than calling me negative just because I saw things differently.

Spirit tells me what everyone considers “negative” is not negative at all. Everything is on a spectrum where it varies from extreme to subtle. None of which is bad or good (in the spirit realm). What everyone considers negative is actually low vibrational. Anger is low vibrational. But, that doesn’t make it bad. Anger needs to move, and anger gets shit done. Anger lets you know when your boundaries have been crossed and that things need to be readjusted. Striking an animal or a person because you’re angry is negative. Negative is toxic.

It’s believed that emotions are negative when expressed in ways other than positive. I think it’s very brave to show the world who you really are in any form. It takes bravery to express what most people hide. What most people pretend to not experience. I’m an angry person myself. I tend to be snippy at times with a short fuse (especially when I’m hungry) but that doesn’t make me negative. Talking about my struggles does not make me negative.

True strength lies in the willingness to embrace difficult energies: doubt, shame, fear, heartache. Showing others that side is courageous. To be one’s truest Self is to allow yourself to be unfiltered, wild, unpredictable, offensive, inappropriate, messy, impulsive, horny, volatile, emotional, sensitive, depressed, angry, dangerous, pensive, aloof, needy… The fact is that most people can’t handle that kind of authentically dynamic intensity.

I’ve been working with energy for a very long time and I’ve become very aware of my own energy field and vibration. I noticed when I’m in crisis mode, survival mode, angry or if I’ve been shaken to my core, my vibration is actually very high. When I’m feeling my worse is when my core vibration is much higher than when I’m in a state of joy or elation.

Because I’m being authentic at that moment. Authenticity is at your core vibration. “Negative” people are being authentic. Shitty people too. As much as we don’t like it.

Higher vibrations are generally associated with positive qualities and feelings, such as love, forgiveness, compassion, and peace. Low vibrations are associated with darker qualities such as hatred, fear, greed, and depression. I’m gonna tell you, your emotions have NOTHING to do with your core vibration! Emotions vary because we’re human and…life.

What affects your core vibration is the amount of awareness and consciousness you have. How in touch and aligned you are with your true Self. How much work you’ve done removing the conditioning and limiting beliefs in order to bring awareness to your soul self. Not how positive you can be or ignoring your uncomfortable parts. That’s spiritual bypassing. This is where integrating your shadow creates authenticity. Accepting and integrating the shadow raises your vibration. Healing raises your vibration. Being authentic raises your vibration. Embracing who you are can raise your vibration. Your emotions are a very small part of it.

The soul-shattering journey of self-work allows you to understand and integrate your fire. It allows us to hold space for ourselves and others instead of finding offense and pushing away what we call “negative.” This is true soul work. Those that call everything negative has not done full soul work.

Everyone’s vibration varies from high to low. It’s a spectrum also just like emotions. You will carry both at any given time and it will vary. No one is “untouchable” because their “vibe is so high”. Life lessons and core beliefs will affect that core vibration. Momentary emotions don’t alter your core vibration unless you are stuck in that state for a VERY long time. Your personality is not your vibration.

The “positive vibes only” crap out there perpetuates segregation and discrimination. Labeling others as negative or positive or high vibrational or low vibrational does the same thing. Being authentic in every version of yourself emotionally, mentally, expressively is being in alignment with who you really are. The more authentic you are the higher vibrationally you’ll be. So, express away!

I will sit with you in your darkness as I too am in darkness and we can be high vibrational together. 😊

Until next time, thank you for reading my ramblings.